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Hey all you fans of cuckolding, cleanup, and hot mature women--you are gonna love my next story! I am waiting until it is complete before I title it; because I want to make sure the title matches the storyline perfectly. I'm guesstimating late August or September for its release. I'll keep you posted. Happy dreams to you all.

Free trial

The original "MY EBONY SAVIOR" is now available on for free. The promotion is over at the end of July, so get it while it's hot......and free.

New release

My Ebony Savior III is now available. I'm excited to say, I'm busy working on my next book. This latest story will have all new characters, but cuckolding remains the theme. There will be a lot more cleanup scenes in this book--so if you enjoy the thought of naturally creamy desserts, this one will certainly wet your appetite. I haven't titled it yet, I'm waiting until it's finished.