short story

With all the negativity in the air, we the people need an escape; don't ya think? I have a short story bundle coming out in January that will take your mind off all the craziness. It will help refocus your attention to something much more positive--uninhibited sex with naughty wives. The bundle will be available on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, and other online book sites. I'll post an exact date ASAP. Happy holidays to all.


Hey college ball fans.....My prediction: Bama vs Clemson. Being a Notre Dame and Ohio State fan; that's hard to say. Nonetheless, that should be a great game. (again)


My thoughts are with everyone affected by this horrible tragedy. I am realistic enough to accept the fact that this kind of ugliness will continue; but will it ever slow down?

New book release

"HOTWIFE a la mode" is scheduled to be released 9/15. You will be able to find it on Amazon, or your favorite e-book seller. It's the tale of a mature, curvy wife who discovers the fountain of youth. She allows herself to be taken by young friends and strangers alike. One of her naughty escapades includes two of her son's friends. After she is completely satisfied, her husband is always there to help with cleanup duties. If you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it, you'd better have plenty of tissue nearby.


I still remember the racial riots of the 60s and the violent protests against the Viet Nam war of the 70s. No one could agree on anything, we were completely divided as a nation. The biggest issue was, no one would even consider the other side's point of view. Sound familiar? And how did the youth of America bring us all together? Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I've never been one for the drug scene, but I'm all for bringing back the 'free love' and music that is about love and sex; rather than hatred and violence. Come on folks, we're all in this together.
Hey all you fans of cuckolding, cleanup, and hot mature women--you are gonna love my next story! I am waiting until it is complete before I title it; because I want to make sure the title matches the storyline perfectly. I'm guesstimating late August or September for its release. I'll keep you posted. Happy dreams to you all.