new story

I have a new short story scheduled to be released on 6/22. "A Mature Experience" tells the tale of a young wife who thinks her husband is having an affair. She decides that revenge is a dish best served by her hubby's boss--who's much older. It's a little softer than my usual, hard core sex and raw language. In other words, it's more erotica than porn. I hope you all like it!

Apple Stock

I bought some Apple stock a few years ago. It dropped right after I bought it and I thought it was lost money. Man, has it come back nicely. Now, if all this Russia crap would only come to an end, maybe everything else can do that well.

Becca's Gang

My newest story has been released. It's a 6000 word short story of a hotwife who takes on a gang of young guys---while her husband watches. If you like the idea of a wild woman with no sexual boundaries, you should check it out.

more on gang lovin

Although I've never met a woman wild enough to engage in a gang bang; I do have a close male friend who did. His story is what prompted me to post the first blog titled; 'gang lovin.' I've been working on a short story that is loosely based on his experience. Since wife-sharing is one of my favorite genres, I decided to give the story a cuckolding twist. If you like the idea of wild, unprotected, gang bang sex with a hot wife; keep your eyes and ears'll be ready sometime in April.

Gang lovin

I have always been intrigued by the idea of gangbangs. A woman who would engage in such an act would have to be uninhibited and completely free in mind, body, and soul. In other words, her entire life would be revolved around cutting loose and having fun. I wonder if that person actually exists.


A recent CNN report stated cuckolding can be popular for some couples. I knew it! Now, if I could only convince my wife.
The funny thing is, the multitude of people who are up in arms about the story. I have but one question...why? When we're behind closed doors, people should have the freedom to do whatever they want ....with a few caveats, of course. As long as: 1) what they do is legal 2) no one gets hurt 3) is between consenting adults.....there should be no limits to our freedom.
People need to relax and enjoy life. More importantly, let others enjoy their lives without being judged.
(I really need to find that report and show it to my wife ASAP)

new story

Howdy folks! My latest release just hit the market. "Wanton Wife Tales" is a collection of 3 short stories that involve wife sharing. Each story contains different characters and plots.....From reluctant cuckold, to willing voyeur (there's even a tale of a hot young wife and her older sugar daddy). You can find this collection of naughty wives and the men who love them on all of the bigger sites: Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble....Etc. Enjoy!